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Content Desert

She was one of the few musicians I could tolerate, I think because she's very white bread and I'm very sensitive. So like, my taste buds and my ear taste buds are sensitive and can't handle things that are too complex or involved anyway. So forget suggestions of music for right now. Just books, amazing books that you love with all your heart. I don't care what genre, just books that you love so much and podcasts that you love so much

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Da Vinci code sparked an obsession with me in art despise the book not having a whole lot to do with art

Hey, Zara, hopefully you can hear me. I got my headphones, and I'm not exactly sure if my headphones have a mic. I'm assuming that they do. Here's what I would say. I'm I would probably, if you want to talk, like the last great book that I've read, and I would say is probably ten out of ten


And somehow there's something comforting and soothing and many with my most favorite instrument of the cello. So whatever your heart or senses need or what have you, I'm carry on. Carry on
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Hello, Zara. Sorry, Lisbon. How you doing? I just wanted to pass on this Audible book. I love this book. I had this guy on my podcast, George Weinstein, and he has several books. But you will love this book. Great. Listen. And also, when I heard that you like audiobooks, I wanted to pass this on. All right. Have a great day. I'll continue to follow you. Take care. Bye
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Hey, I just have a real quick response before I forget. One of the best books I listened to was called Leaving Time by Jodi Picolt. It's just a great book to listen to and it's a mystery and it's so well done. And it's got sort of two worlds that are parallel and it's just beautiful. I think you're going to like it because it's got a nice 13 year old girl perspective, and then it's got a mother perspective in the journal
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Hey, thank you so much for this suggestion. This is exactly what I'm looking for. I will go look into it right away. Thanks. And have a good night
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So instead of ever saying someone didn't do something, you find the way of saying they did do it. Instead of saying never, you would say always. He never liked ice cream. He always hated ice cream. It's those types of things that hook people and make them want to keep going down the rabbit hole. So I love the way you described that. I would love to one day write something so hypnotic and seductive and powerful. Page turners are so fun
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And if you could send me that playlist of all the scores, that would be really cool, because I do want to be soothed. I want my overstimulation to be soothed and to calm down. So if you could put a link here to that playlist, and if that doesn't work, send me a voice message, and I will give you my phone number to send it to me. Or maybe there's some way to do that


Oh, good. I hope you enjoy at least some of those things. And I sent you a private message with the link in it to the playlist I hope you enjoy. And I look forward to hearing back
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@ZLisbon: App named "Calm" (specifically Sleep Stories)

Even though they're titled Sleep Stories, they are fantastic short stories, right? And they're read in much the same fashion as your audio books, but with the objective being to calm the listener. To relax the listener. And just a collection of fantastic voices. Some are from renowned authors, some are from people who are voice professionals. And I just think that it's a wonderful resource. I can't say that much more about it. I've been using it now for about two years