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Destinee Stephney
@ZennDee · 4:44

Emotional Intelligence

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So to not have the ability to perceive, understand, respond, interpret your own emotions, there's going to be a level of disconnect there that's not really comfortable, honestly. And it makes it even harder for us to connect with other people because emotional intelligence is also the ability to understand, respond, interpret other people's emotions and the awareness of other people's emotions and to have a sensitivity to other people's emotions as well

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Al Cosby
@Cosbyal4165 · 2:47
And again, like I said, men go through things too. And interestingly, a book that they wrote a long time ago, men cry in the dark because again, they have nobody to bounce these things off of and just discuss. But my mother taught me a long time ago that if you're like the only one in the crowd, it usually takes just one person to open up. And if one person opens up, then everybody else will open up as well
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