Zahra Jani
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Watermelon Salad Recipe

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Hey, everyone, hope you all are doing great. This is Zahra and I am back with a healthy tip to bless your David. Today I'll be sharing a healthy yet yummy watermelon salad recipe, which is a perfect cure for your hunger pangs. Let's start with the ingredients. This is what you'll require. One medium watermelon, a tip. If your watermelon is chill, the salad is going to taste more yummy. The second ingredient is few Mint leaves

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Priti Jaiswal
@Priti195 · 0:40
Hey, Zara, first of all, thank you so much for sharing this type of recipes because, you know, Kabi, Kabi. Hi. Recipes like this, which sounds so yummy. But at the same time, Hildi. I am surely going to try this one and will let you know that if I will be able to do the justice recipe or not. And I'm looking forward to knowing to learn more recipes, these type of recipes from you