Souradeep Yug
@Yug.souradeep · 4:29

Death and all his friends! Yet heaven!

And I remember when I was taking lessons, tracking lessons professionally. My coach once told me this never look back. If you start a Trek, you have to complete it. Otherwise you should not start. So I followed that. I respected the jungle. I kept walking, we stick together and we reached this destination. And after that, we saw the majestic Khan Sanjanga. It's seven peaks under a clear sky. It was snowy. All around. The clouds were flying by

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Rivu Bhattacharya
@GhostGwynbleidd · 1:08


First never forget the experience that I had on the first strip the Mountains with you guys. And it was and it was in one of the best tracks that I had with you guys. And I hope to go on many more adventures like this. We learned so many things in that way. And the bond that was formed when people say that we would live our lives for someone. It was perhaps one of those trips that we had. It was such an amazing, life changing trip