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The lower mind and higher intellect in us.

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So a lot of you must be practicing some kind of a meditation where you would be doing some kind of yoga, some kind of a Raj yoga. So in that it is asked of you to turn your attention to your breath, right? So what breath does is till the time you only put your attention to breath, in those times there will be no thoughts, is it not? So if you concentrate on your breath, then the mind will vaporize

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Hello. So I liked whatever you said, and I totally agree with you because I have experienced this in my own life. Like, I always had this problem of, like, the mind clatter or the overthinking issue. You know, something, one thing or the other always comes up, and it just hampers a lot while taking decisions or by doing something, it just breaks the concentration and it disturbs a lot. So I have suffered a lot
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