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yashasvi Gupta
@yeswithyashi · 1:21

Live tax free for 5 years?😁😁

Basically to attract the tourists and the foreign investment in the country. If you work remotely there you will be paid in the nation currency hence increasing their foreign currency reserves. And their foreign Minister made the statement. So how do you like this kind of move? In a country like to bring the economy high in the scale would you prefer that India will be doing the same? Will you be preferring that? If yes, then? If no then why? Please let me know through your soil years

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Garima Makhija
@garimamakhijaa · 0:45
Hi yashasvi. And honestly, about the swell, I think it's a really great concept by the Bali government because, again, Bali was shut down for tourists for a very long time because of COVID, and there are still assumptions about scowt cases being rising about here and then. So this move enables them to attract more tourists and more importantly, because lack of tourism in the past year, they lack a lot of foreign reserves at this moment
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