Sophia Pires
@yerbamategirl · 1:12

Show me your tattoos!

Hi, swell. Today I wanted to see if any of you have cool tattoos that you want to share. I have a really teeny tiny tattoo on the inside of my wrist that I don't even. I don't almost don't even count it as a tattoo because it's so little, but I really want more
Noa Lily
@Noalily · 2:04

The tattoo addiction...

Honestly, I think people try to find meaning behind tattoos, but sometimes you just like the way it looks. And that's definitely the case here. And I'm excited to get more. They're kind of addictive, but I also just love everything about them. So I'm excited to see what ink I will put on my body in the future
Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:49
But you can see it's been a work in progress. This was like four different sittings. I'm basically piecing together several mandalas up my arms. So it's one of my favorite tattoos. I don't know if you would really consider it several different ones or one gigantic one. Whatever makes you happy, I guess