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yashodhara choudhary

 · 10mo ago · 1:37
indian politicians

"…As we all know, India is a Democratic country, meaning we have the right to choose our own leader. But my question is, are all these politicians actually eligible to run our country? I'm going to point out an incident which took place days recently in the Udapi district of Karnataka in which a group of students marched to their College wearing saffron scars and raising slogans of Jesu Ram. Why? Because some Muslim girls were not taking off the hijab before entering the College.…"

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Darpan Sethi

 · 10mo ago · 1:15

"…One of the reasons that such incidences take place or these statements come about is that Indian population is under educated and under literate for that matter. And a lot of people have these very Orthodox traditional thinking. And when Minister or politician voices their statements in the tone that the population thinks they get votes and that is basically what they are doing.…"


Swell Team

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