Yashika Malik
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Jab we met

The character of geek played by Karina Kapoor in this movie is one of the most loved characters in the whole Bollywood. The dialogue Mahley favorite who always gets me and it shows the importance of selflove in one's life. The story of this movie takes sweet turns as every other Bollywood story with its own ups and downs. But at last hiroko hero in village at the air

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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 1:20
The entire thing and the whole storyline was so sweet and yeah, I absolutely love the movie, I love the songs and of course just as I think that's what most of Bollywood is all about. So yeah, thanks for talking about this movie because I am feeling kind of nostalgic right now because as I said, I absolutely, absolutely love this movie as a kid
somya surana
@somya123 · 1:14
It like Keith has so much positive vibes like we need these people in our life rather than toxic and what should I say? And I think Punjabi people are always on vibe. You know I have watched Sokkan Sokkeni movie today and it was also epic. Like I can relate. That Punjabi movies I think are full of energy, full of enthusiasm and full of power. I can recommend you, you should watch that movie. It's on Amazon Prime and it's really great