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Yaryna Kozak
@yarynakozak · 3:20

How I promote my music as an Indie Misician

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But again, TikTok is really famous for getting the artist signed to record labels. So definitely I would choose TikTok over Instagram, though it does have a little bit of a learning curve. You have to know the right audios to use, the right times to post. But once you get the hang of it, like Tik, Tok and Instagram are really good for promoting your content for they're really next to nothing. Social medias are great

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it's Arman
@Arman · 0:29
Hello Yaryna, hope I've pranas your name correctly. Thanks for inviting me. If you have any visual type of content and post on Instagram or TikTok that will give you leverage and the algorithm of both platform, send it to the new user on the dashboard. And about the promotion, if you pay for anything that it will promote you and give you leverage also. So that's all. Thank you
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Yaryna Kozak
@yarynakozak · 0:06


It sounds like a great offer, but I'd like to see your TikTok first and instagram
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