yashi shrivastava
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Live alone and Introspect.

I know my likes and dislikes, what to do and what not to do, what to buy and what not to buy, where to invest and where not to splurge. What are the things that will be used by me forever and what will lie in the cupboard for eternity? I knew everything. I knew house management, grocery management, and most importantly, money management. I think, and I believe that it happened because I got time to introspect myself, to look within myself

Sharing a life lesson and experience that helped me to become a better person. #lifelesson #mentalhelath #lifequote #meditate #growthmindset #yoga

Avi ❤️❤️
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Hi Yashi. Thank you for inviting me and IQ. I also experience how it feels to be alone. And from two and a half years I was only with myself. So it's true to what you said. It's also relatable. And I know that to understand others, you have to first understand yourself. It's a nice well, thank you for sharing. Bye. Take care. Bye
yashi shrivastava
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Hey, I m glad you liked it. Rightly? Said that before understanding others, it's very important to understand yourself. At the same time, it's very important to take care of yourself
Aditya Shakya
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Your topic is very good. And the way you presented yourself was awesome. Basharf of Police Richards were