Differences are beautiful

Since I touched upon the topic of racism, I'm gonna do it again. And this time not only racism, but sexism. Patriarchy cast ism colourism. I hope I'm using those terms correctly. The more Why do you think that happens? Why are people so afraid and hateful towards people who are different than them? Don't you think it is beautiful? There are differences exist and wouldn't wouldn't it be super boring if all of us were the same?

#racism #sexism

Saara Sardar
@SaaraSardar04 · 0:24
Thank you for sharing. I know why patriarchy exists is basically for men to assert their power over different genders. And that's what I think about other terms too. Just a group of people trying to exert power over other group of people so they can feel superior or better or something like that. I guess
Krishna Telang
@Krishnaroxs · 2:09
And something so amazing, like the internet was hated in the beginning. So the only reason why people hate or discriminate is just because they cannot digest the fact that something is out of the ordinary or something is special. And apparently it's not their choice. It's totally not their choice to decide what's ordinary and what's not. You just have to accept everything because it's not in your control