WTH #806: Are We Ok?

article image placeholderWTH #806: Are We OK?
Hey, everybody, if you missed the livestream of the latest Wth podcast on Monday, here it is. Take a look at it. Check it out. We're as recorded live. No evidence at all. Hope you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed being part of the swell response. If you were one of the people who did that, thank you so much. It is greatly appreciated

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phil spade
@Phil · 0:26
Another great show, guys. And I have a logistical question, why is Kareem always late? You know, the great John Wooden said if he can't be on time, be early. But I'm wondering, can you somehow say, hey, we're going to start the show ten minutes early. The analyst say we should start at ten of the hour instead of on the hour and see if he actually shows up on the hour. I'd be curious to run that experiment
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WTH Podcast
@WTHPodcast · 1:24
So I may even do a preshow where I start live, maybe ten minutes early, and then we'll start the show when we're ready to go from there. So we'll see how it goes. We got a lot of stuff to try out. But again, thanks for listening. Really appreciate it. Love the feedback. Please keep it coming. And you have a great day
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