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WTH Podcast
@WTHPodcast · 1:42

What was your reaction to Trump’s positive Covid tesr

We had very different reactions between the three of us on the show. So we'll be sharing those on the next episode and we kind of wanted to get your input. Were you sad? Were you angry? Were you overjoyed? Were you Jubilee? Were you like, yeah, serve as I'm right. Let us know some of the better ones we may play on the next podcast. Of course you can catch that live. We'll be doing it live Monday at 07:30 p.m.. Pacific Time

Thanks for checking us out. Weigh in and we may play your Swell on our next show.

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 3:15

Me. Person. Thoughts. trump. Golem. Vibes.

Hey, Nate and the rest of you guys. I love the YouTube live. It was really, really fun. Thanks for. Thanks for shouting us out. In reference to your question, the weirdest thing happened. So it's wth now Saturday morning. But on Thursday night, I was sitting with a couple of friends outside and just hanging out, having one of those actually post birthday birthday parties, which you kind of try to do during COVID
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Average Joe
@AverageJoe · 2:19
So you'll excuse me if I don't pretend along with the CNN talking heads, that suddenly I would just be so distraught if Donald Trump punched his ticket. I believe he is the greatest threat this nation has ever seen. I believe he was directly trying to steer us into a civil war. And if he died, if the noise that he makes were suddenly gone, it would be the first semblance of normalcy we've in four years
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Taylor J
@Taylor · 2:54

News coverage of this has been laughable

And for the last several months, we've been dealing with this global health crisis, and Trump and his people have been purposefully playing it down and out of moments. Notice, this guy gets airlifted to one of the best hospitals in the country just because he's President. Personally, I think he should go have to wait in line at an urgent care like the rest of us. I have seen lines probably an hour or two long down the block in some neighborhoods in my city
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Average Joe
@AverageJoe · 2:25
Biden right. Out of respect. You have a respect for a guy who's been telling everybody you're a pedophile, right? But out of respect for the moment that Trump finds himself in, Biden pulls all of his most disparaging political ads. And then when asked if Trump would do the same, no. And you know why? Because he said, oh, Biden attacked me. What?
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Missy 302
@Missy302 · 1:18
Okay. First of all, I'm trying not to laugh over trash Panda because that was a perfect description of Trump. And I agree with both of you. It is very hard. I don't know if CNN is necessary necessarily coming out and saying we wish him well, I mean, I have heard some of the reporters say that he's our President and we love our President. Well, I sure s*** don't love him
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Pj Baldwin
@JohnnyBaldwin · 4:29
You got to be aware of this, that they don't tell us the truth and these people don't all have it. They're counting people two and three times. If the same person gets the virus over and over again, which is probably bullshit too. But there's a lot of underlying that we're not seeing or want to believe that is happening. So I doubt he has it. It's a distraction. Watch out, beware
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