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Sonia Wright
@Wrightsonia · 4:13

A visit to Rockport Texas

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And I just love the travel. I love looking at different places. I love the experience, the drive, which we used to just be able to drive, drive, drive. Now we kind of cut it in half if we can. So that's one of the things that we enjoy doing is just exploring, looking at different places, checking things out. And this is my first. Well, so so that's it for now. Bye


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Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 0:41
Hi Sonia. Welcome to swell. Thank you for sharing. About visit Rockport, Texas. Have never heard of that town. And when I think of Texas, I don't really think of the beach. So I'll have to check this out. I would love to do more travel like you and your husband do. I've always wanted to do that and see more of the country. I grew up in California, lived in Seattle, Washington and now live in New York
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Sonia Wright
@Wrightsonia · 0:53


Thank you for the welcome and the reply, the response. I am still trying to work on getting the hang of things here, so I appreciate the feedback or any feedback or just some tips. Seattle, Washington is one of in my it's on my bucket list. Have not been there yet, but I am excited to check it out someday. And yeah, I'll be posting hopefully a little bit more on travels and stuff
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