Ronak Badgainya
@worth_a_talk · 5:00

Move out ! go travel nature ..

That which element do you feel connected to? Which element do you think is a more characteristic start are similar with you. It is only when you realize your you'll be able to follow your dreams or passion, your perfect partner as we have also studied this in psychology that before we come into the relationship state, there is a state where a person needs to know themselves first for a better relationship

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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 3:01
I think nature teaches us to be more humble and it helps us somehow gain perspective on our life, our problems. And I think whenever someone is overwhelmed, it's best to get out maybe on a short trip or just go and explore nature wherever greenery is available closest to you and just let it it all sink in inside. And yeah, that definitely heals you and helps you to a great extent. So I completely agree with what you said