In the morning that the car was at very high speed and it hit the dividers. The police cops have told that the car was burning and to come out of it Rishapanth actually broke the wind shield of the glass and came out of the burning car. The car was later reported to be charred up while the critter was hospitalized in the Max hospital. He has seen the pics have been surfaced and he is seen to have a lot of head injuries

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Gaurav Chauhan
@Gaurav1106 · 1:07
And I just hope he makes it out of it very soon, recovers completely. And it's sad to see such talent. Also, it feels weird that these are also human beings and they go through everything we go through. If you're you look at it from a very granular level, and that's what I've been thinking since morning. It can happen to anyone any day, anywhere. But I just hope prayers to him and the family. Just hope Rishabhan comes out of it stronger
Rehan Shah
@ririshah · 3:46


But hoping the latter example that I mentioned hoping that he recovers just for a match that's kind of in poor taste. Anyway, it's been lovely talking to you and hope you can talk more. Bought cricket zone