Arish Ali
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The Middle East is hurtling towards war

The situation in the Middle East. The conflict between Israel and Palestine seems to be getting bad by the day. Here is what I just heard on the BBC. Just give me a sense because we've been watching these pictures, pictures we've been watching the various attacks. Give me a sense of what it is like to actually live there through this on the ground for ordinary people, what do people say to you?

Sound bite from #BBC - from people on the ground in Gaza. #Israel #Palestine

Omkari Williams
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Thank you for highlighting this.

I just want to say thank you for posting this because I don't think that this subject, this situation is getting enough attention here in the United States. And I think that the possibility that there's going to be an Ali out war in the Middle East is very real and something that we do need to be paying close attention to. So thank you for bringing this to my attention in this way and for sharing it broadly
Deborah Pardes
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I'm going to start by just posting this article and I hope we can continue to keep our minds open, to look at our knee jerk reactions and to understand deep history and injustices across the board, but also precedent set around laws about who owns what buildings and who owns what property. And we have nations across the world that annex territories based on war won and war is lost. But for somehow there's completely separate rules for how Israel is trying to grow its small piece of land
Bowie Rowan
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So I thought I would share it here for anyone who is trying to understand more of the complications in relation to the legal goal, property rights, historically, and various perspectives on this
Deborah Pardes
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🙏🙏 @bowie

But the lines are blurred, and this is where it's so confusing to a lot of people who get involved in these conversations without understanding all the tendrils that inform people's vitriol for me personally, I feel like the Israel government is trying to represent so many facets of the Jewish narrative
Bowie Rowan
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And if anyone would like to join dig into that even more deeply, maybe we could start another conversation because it's something I spend a lot of time thinking about reading about and talking about. So I'd be very up for more conversations around it
Deborah Pardes
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And it's dear to my heart that this woman helped me come out of a place of just longing to articulate what I've been feeling. If anybody has the time to read this article and kind of drop into her perspective, it might be meaningful. It's meaningful to me. So I wanted to share it here
Michael Hilliard
@MichaelHilliard · 4:58

An attempt at objective analysis on Isreal @DBPardes @bowie @arish

As to what DB said, where the Knesset is very full of Arabs right now, the Knesset is 14 members of the Muslim faith, to which majority of those are centrists, to which that would be 11% of the Knesset. So they really don't have that much representation in the Knesset considering how large the Palestinian population is in Israel. In fact, Israel doesn't really want to go to an election because of the fact that the Palestinians are growing at a higher rate
Deborah Pardes
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@MichaelHilliard Growth strategies for Gaza?

It feels not linear, but it feels rather logical, and it helps me ground in some basic knowledge. And I've gotten really expanded in terms of my mind very much in awe of how large this world is and how many parts of this world are at war and how many organizations tend to be sort of in the background of conflicts. We see the front pages of reporting, but in the back pages are the governments and the corporations that are stakeholders in the agendas. And Israel is no different
Michael Hilliard
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@DBPardes I wish I knew. Every solution hits a brick wall.

And this has a bit of a problem now that the Palestinian birth rate is much higher than the Israeli one. So it would mean that within the space of a few generations or even one generation, the Palestinians would become the voting majority in Israel. And even now, as I said, it's 11% of the Knesset that is even Muslim, let alone pro Palestinian. If the Palestinians were allowed to vote in Israeli elections, you would very much see that become a Palestinian majority in an Israeli Knesset