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She has this way where, of course, she's a scientist, so she can get very sciency. For example, take this one about leaves. We know leaves have chlorophyll. They take the sunlight and they give plant the nutrition it needs by doing the photosynthesis. Hope takes it to another level. She writes, leaves make sugar. Plants are the only things in the universe that can make sugar out of nonliving inorganic matter

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And I am an artist and I definitely love learning how each viewer is moved by a piece that I am presenting to them. So I could imagine that it feels similar as an author, but I think it's all of the above. I think it's all of the above and so much more that you haven't even considered because there's so many facets of imagination that could go into it. I think the macro equals the micro in general in life
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Anurag Chhabra
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It's very meaningful for me, I think. I feel that I grow in the process as I hear how what I put out there is responding. Yeah, I'm looking forward to more interaction and I'm definitely going to give you a follow to see what else you have been talking about. See you more
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