Sreeja V

@Wordsmith·2yr ago·1:05

Is there hope for economic revival and sustainability to go hand in hand? Well, the IMF thinks so.


"…Hello happy Friday morning. The IMF recently released its World Economic Report for October 2020. And what has caught the attention of environmentalists worldwide is Chapter Three from the Report. While foreseeing the challenges that mitigating the global economy will involve postcode, the IMF has implied that the physical stimulus, which will likely be needed in the aftermath of the Pandemic, can be an opportunity to boost green and resilient public infrastructure. So the goal is to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. How?…"

Sudha Varadarajan

@sudha · 2yr ago · 1:48

"…I would argue against attacks on existing energy sources and just because I think the economy is already hurting and hurting terribly. So yes, for great R amp D in clean energy. But until then, we need to falls on any taxes.…"


Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 2yr ago · 1:57

"…The rest is for fossil fuels. Also, though, the European Union is slightly better off because having pledged about 30% of its €750,000,000,000 fiscal stimulus to climate friendly investments, France and Germany are leading with the most green measures in the European Union. The United States has committed about $3 trillion in fiscal support, and there are no preconditions of sustainability as such. And there has also been a rollback of environmental protection to support the fossil fuel industry.…"


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