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2021: a year of the generalist?

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"…Hello swell. We are one day away from the last month of 2020 and what a year it has been a year that left us with some life lessons. As we move forward to towards 2021, we are preparing ourselves to embrace change with a capital C. I came across this interesting article that I wanted to share with you all. It talks about how specialization is going to make way for generalization. So does that mean the Jacks of all trades will finally find their place in the sun?…"


Ramya V

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"…That was a very insightful article. Thank you so much for the share, and I agree with most of the stuff that's written in there. We are in the most uncertain of times that demands of us a certain kind of adaptability and a way of thinking that would probably be easier to expect from someone who isn't a specialist. Of course, no offense to any of the experts, but I think we do need problem solvers as much as if not more than domain experts to navigate the way forward.…"


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"…Jesus, thank you for sharing this. That last sentence there. It talked about it being a philosophy, a way of thinking. And I loved that a few months ago. Maybe it was last year. Now I don't remember time has flown this year, but I remember read an article that talked about how philosophers would be the employee to hire in the future because they are making different connections or it's the way they think, right.…"

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