Sreeja V

@Wordsmith·2yr ago·0:34

A Giant vacuum cleaner that can suck up smog and other innovative solutions for a clean environment .


"…Happy Wednesday mornings. Well, would you like to start your day with some good news as far as the environment is concerned. So I'm sharing a link here to some of the most innovative and cool solutions from around the world. From textile dyes made out of natural processes to a giant vacuum cleaner for smog to beer made out of bread to a data forest. Let's keep this list growing. Do share ideas that you might have come across to have a great day. Bye.…"

Ramya V

@Ramya · 2yr ago · 0:54

"…I think it's the need of the R. It's something that we should all be thinking about. And I'm so glad that you bring this topic up.…"


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