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Moon magic

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"…I love the full moon and always make it a point to spend some time on full moon nights just gazing at the moon. So today the moon in this part of the world has an orangish do to it. And I've tried to capture a picture here, but this is the best that my iphone could do. Are there any tricks or tips that you could share with me on how best I can capture a full moon on my iphone? My iphone.…"



Internet Einstein

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"…Those phones would be able to capture the Moon Photo perfectly. So those are my suggestions.…"

Capture moon with the phone.

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Sreeja V

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"…Hey, Einstein, thank you so much for these tips. And I'll keep these in mind when I'm ready to pick a new phone. And because, you know, I'm hellbent on capturing, you know, a picture of the full moon using a phone. So there's that. And this is a wonderful picture that you've shared. You captured this on your phone. Lovely.…"


Internet Einstein

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"…Hey, Shuija, thank you so much. Yes. I've taken that photo on my phone itself, and probably on the same day that you have taken the photo that's on the Redmond day.…"


Moon magic

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