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The art of gifting: is there ever a best approach?

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"…I can only hope that the gift has resonated and helped forge a connect or in today's age of shortlived memories, it might well be a wasted effort, but yet I feel it's the thought that counts and feel grateful when I receive thoughtful gifts from my friends and family. I'm sure you must be going through this too. What's your process like? Do share them here. And I also found this interesting article that I wanted to share with you all. Happy gifting.…"


Sreeja V

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"…And she manages to, I don't know, somehow figure out, though she's so many she's thousands of miles away from us. But yet time after time, every few months, we can expect her to send a package that is shorter than us. And I think it has to do with the bond itself. And I think some people, like your wife are simply born with it, the ability to care so deeply and understand other other person so well.…"

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"…I once used to be a not so practical gift. I remember getting my mom some really crazy stuff, you know, crazy but cool gifts years ago. Not very practical. Pretty figurines mementos and treasure boxes and little sparkly paraphernalia that are so pretty to look at but could only be tucked away somewhere and forgotten. I'd say my tastes have kind of changed now. I believe in giving somewhat boring, utilitarian gifts, but gifts that do add some value to the person who receives it.…"


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"…So for me, I'd like to say that I'm an excellent gifter, but this year has been challenging and difficult. But what I focus on is finding out what that person enjoys and then giving them an experience rather than just a material gift. You want to give them a material gift also, because otherwise you're not gifting them anything. But you also want to tie that into an experience.…"

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