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Predictions about 2021 made a 100 years ago that came true - care to dream on about 2121?

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"…Would we be able to individually fly, say, take off to wherever the mind fancies the Flying Mystery Man sided above La from time to time does seem to indicate that it might happen very soon. Here is an article that looks at predictions made in 1921 by Charles Taylor's, Moses, Falsehood, and year old Thomas Guli. And these predictions have by and large come true. What are your predictions for? 21 21? Do share them here.…"


"…It would be a necessity. It's hard to say, right, because maybe we'll make drastic changes and we can improve things to some degree. But it's hard to say it sends me down a rabbit hole of so many different things. But anyway, a couple of the other ones I was thinking of was I think implanted technology will become commonplace. Elon Musk is working on his Neuralink, but I think that could be just the beginning of what's to come.…"

Climate change related. Implanted tech. Quantum engineering.


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