Sreeja V

@Wordsmith·2yr ago·0:51

Retail therapy: do you prefer online or offline?

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"…But actually visiting a store was an experience I looked forward to when the lockdown was lifted here in India, where I am from, I made sure to visit Pabindia among my favorite haunts to Indulge, and, of course, stopping for a coffee in between watching the crowd walk by at leisure. What is it for you? Do you prefer shopping online to the offline experience.…"



@Shaz · 2yr ago · 1:41

"…I think I am someone who preferred online shopping even before COVID made it cooler. So point one is that I'm lazy and I don't want to get dressed to help and leave the house, and it's flexible. You can buy the things that you want regardless of it's. 01:00 a.m.. At night, you're just lying on the bed with your nightclothes on and you can buy stuff.…"

Online > offline.. flexibility, less judgement, no disturbances, good deals


Swell Team

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Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 2yr ago · 2:05

"…I like to go walk into the store, look at the expiry on the pack, and then sort of also feel the fruits and vegetables. I like to pick them up myself. And if it's the neighborhood grocery store, I like to just say Hello sort of chitchat with the grocer. And I like to sort of bond with people. That gives me a chance to sort of bond with the people as well, which might be sorely missed. Of course, with the supermarket chains et cetera.…"

The lesser devil?


Roomi Tarik

@roomi · 2yr ago · 3:49

"…Offline offline, always offline or at least for 80% of the time. I would go for offline shopping because a if I'm going to buy clothes, I want to actually go and wear them and make sure they fit them well, because is on online shopping. You don't know what you're going to get the material pretty much yet you can feel it, the fitting of it. And there are so many things that you have to consider for online shopping.…"


Internet Einstein

@Einstein · 2yr ago · 1:13

"…I also like it sometimes, but if I mean business, I would usually prefer online shopping. The only scenarios which I would choose offline shopping is when I need certain things immediately or those things should be authentic. Those scenarios I would prefer offline shopping. Apart from that all the time I would incline towards online shopping only.…"

Online vs offline shopping


Neal Damiano

@NealD · 1yr ago · 1:26

"…So I mean, it's convenient and it's fun and you do kind of get a kick out of waiting for it to come in and then having the package there when you come home. So. But I do also like to shop around in the stores as well. I'll never stop having fun going around into the stores and shopping.…"


Bernie Goldbach

@topgold · 1yr ago · 2:20

"…He's bonded with some 50 year olds in this DIY shop, which I think is an interesting family type experience I never expected. So you need both. But there is a social dimension that helps a young person develop keen consumer skills if you can guide him or her through the process. And part of the process is not buying anything. Don't you think it's therapy? Therapy always doesn't have to cost you more than time, right? That's my opinion.…"

Both are important. There is a family dimension in the #diy realm.


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