Sreeja V

@Wordsmith·2yr ago·2:07

Parenting style during Covid: at the crossroads

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"…As far as parenting goes, I find myself flouting a lot of the theories that I used to propagate and follow. For instance, micromanaging. I used to try and avoid micromanaging as much as possible, but now I find the need to Hover around when my son is attending his classes online, convinced that he might require some supervision to keep from getting distracted. And I also make sure he has everything covered as far as his assignments. Go and monitor his Google classroom to make sure.…"


Ramya V

@Ramya · 2yr ago · 1:51

"…I hear you, Shija. I hear you from the bottom of my tired motherly soul. I would say that as a parent, the only thing that I'm not running low on right now is drama lots and lots of it, especially during these everyday online learning sessions.…"


Greg Dickson

@LifeOrigami · 2yr ago · 5:00

"…The biggest challenge that I had was getting my son to respect me as a teacher or in your cases, respecting you as the teacher's assistant. But I wonder if one of the tactics got a couple of ideas. One from my wife, who had six kids at one point had four of her own and two kind of foster kids. But one point I had is that about unschooling.…"

We have no kids at home, a potpourri of ideas, lots of empathy 2 u both


Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 2yr ago · 2:39

"…Only thing is the question of my being able to adapt to this whole situation, time management, micromanagement and helicopter parenting, so on and so forth. How do I step back and allow things to flow normally is the question, I guess so. It's more of a challenge for me as a parent in adapting to this new situation. And I think teachers also are for them.…"

@NamelessJournal @LifeOrigami

Howie Rubin

@Howie · 2yr ago · 3:24

"…They will need help in math and English in order to catch up. And he went on to suggest that one on one tutoring could be a very effective way to help them catch up. The problem is, where do you get tutors who would work for free? So I came up with a solution called a solution using senior citizens who are retired educated and looking for things to do and that they could make a really great untapped research to help on a one on one basis.…"

@LifeOrigami, @wordsmith, @NamelessJournal


Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 2yr ago · 1:55

"…Hey, Howie, I couldn't agree more. I think this is an excellent idea because I have seen the benefits of oneonone tutoring, you know, helping kids overcome a lot of their handicaps and be able to really connect with someone personally and discuss and overcome challenges that come in the way of online learning would be truly beneficial is what I think.…" @Howie


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