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The Census and Elections - will the dots connect?

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"…And how well do they understand the minds of their voters in a country such as US, with cultural spill offs from across the world, with generations of immigrants now also coming into the fray, it must be really vital to get the numbers right. The 2020 population figures could well determine how political power and federal tax dollars are shared in the US over the next ten years. And I understand that the census has been kind of carried out across the country till April this year.…"

Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 2yr ago · 0:34

"…Hey, Robben, thank you so much for applying to this. Well, and I'm so delighted to know that you are actually a part of this process yourself. And so your insights definitely bring value. Tell you, I'm really curious to know, to wait and watch and see how everything plays out. Now that we know that the numbers will definitely not be in by election. Time for sure. I so thanks once again.…"

Great insight @RobbinMilne thank you


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