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What do you listen to when you are on the move?

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"…I prefer listening to music when I am driving or taking a walk, and I find that it becomes very difficult for me to concentrate if I'm listening to somebody talking or a podcast where there is some thing that in terms of intake, some valuable intake in there, I find it difficult to concentrate on what I'm doing. I just have to stop and then completely zone in to what is being said.…"


Internet Einstein

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"…It's the same exact scenario with me. Even when I'm driving, walking or working out. I need music constantly playing in the background. I don't pay a lot of attention to it and listen continuously. I need that to be playing in the background while I'm driving, even though I'm talking to someone in the car. I would want that music to be playing in the background because when everyone is silent, my concentration will be latched back onto the music rather than thinking somewhere else.…"

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