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Liora H
@liora · 3:06

International Women's Day: Thank a Woman

article image placeholdermy mom and aunt
It's International Women's Day. And when would it be a better day to thank all of the beautiful, strong, amazing women that we have in our lives? I decided that we should have place where we can thank all of these women that we are ever so grateful for, and I think we should do that today because today is a day to acknowledge the hard work, the perseverance and the spirit of women

Here's to the women who made our lives possible and shaped us into who we are! Thank them here #womenshistory #internationalwomensday #women #feminist

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:26

My mom and my sisters for "growing" good people 🌱❤️

Hey, Liora, thanks for posting this. I will share this conversation with as many people as I can. And what comes to mind for me are the women directly in the circle of my family, which is my mother and my three sisters. So grateful that my mother had had all four girls, a stunning accomplishment in and of itself, her ability to parent us and give us the wings to fly
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Kim M
@kimestryarts · 1:24


She's absolutely the first person I think of when somebody asks about who my heroes are or who I admire. One of the things that I've discovered about her lately that I appreciate and am coming to realize more and more is her ability to support me in my decision making, even when the decisions that I make are completely against what she would do if she were in my shoes, and she may express her thoughts and they may be different from mine. But ultimately, whatever I choose, she supports
Bowie Rowan
@bowie · 2:04

My friend Amy https://bit.ly/3v7N7rh

Thank you so much for sharing more of your story, Liora, and about some of the women who have had such an impact on your life. This International Women's Day I've been thinking a lot about my friend Amy was one of the most incredible women I ever had the chance to get to know. And she had a really big impact on me becoming who I am today and I am still grieving the loss of her
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