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womayi job

 · 10mo ago · 0:53
Greetings from Uganda

"…In the evening right now. And just on the streets. I have a barbecue, a roast chicken and beef. So it's what I'm doing right now out. And I'm so happy. I'm looking forward to making friends over here.…"


Karan Dev

 · 10mo ago · 0:36

"…And I'm looking forward to knowing more about your life and more about everything that you're thinking about. So cheers, and welcome to the community.…"


womayi job

 · 10mo ago · 1:05

"…Oh, wow. I'm very happy. I'm so happy to hear from you. And I'm really grateful that you've liked my work and you've liked my cooking. Yeah, actually, I'm on the streets. I don't know if you've ever been to Europe, Gandha or been to Africa, but. Well, that's my business. I do that's my work that I do for a living. And I make that as I speak.…"

Swell Team

 · now · 0:15