Is Instagram no longer a photo sharing platform?

Instagram started releasing more and more features as and when they saw the group in the usage of the platform. The tipping point of this entire journey was when the founder of Instagram, the founder or the owner. I'm a bit confused over there, but the head of Instagram basically announced that Instagram no longer serves as a photo platform photograph platform, but rather it's shifting its focus to videos, meaning now there will be more weighted to IGTV and live and reels
Taylor J
@Taylor · 2:29
There's a lot of hey, look at me or I'm trying to sell you something and that's more or less it. I think I think other places is where I find sort of my sweet spot. And so I'm not positive that Instagram is going to have let me put it this way
Junaid Khalfay
@captkhalfay · 2:16
Hey, Parmi. Yeah. I mean, what you said I can actually see it happening, you know, the full focus changing over from the photos to the videos. And like Taylor also correctly said, that is something which even I have been doing all these years. That for me, Instagram is not something where I'm putting out content for the other people. As such
Swell Team
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Parmi Savla
@Whimsicalpastry · 4:53


At the age of twelve, simply because they want to feel the validation too, they are also sucked into the whole influencer game. And I am not a fan of it. Not one bit pretty much boils my blood, but I guess that's what Instagram has come down to trying back with them to earn money and monetize their blood platform. So yeah, I guess it is what it is
Parmi Savla
@Whimsicalpastry · 3:06


Do you know, there's one thing that I am convinced of? I mean, could change. But I am convinced that Instagram as a platform is never not going to be relevant because they are very smart art. When it comes to staying updated with the times when they saw that TikTok was getting a bit out of hand. They realized that why not include so Instagram has pretty much become a one stop shop. When they realize that TikTok was blowing out of proportion and people were loving TikTok so much