Parmi Savla
@Whimsicalpastry · 1:37

Monsoon- pleasant or icky?

I mean, a lot of people find monsoons, it's very charming, and they love the smell of they love the petrocho. There are different sides to it. So I wanted to know what are your opinions with respect to the season of monsoon? So Yeah
@Shaz · 1:10


I get what you mean. I don't enjoy getting drenched in the rain as well. Especially I have that once it gets drenched and it dries up, it looks like completely like a weird person. No, because of that reason. And I don't like the feeling of feeling sticky and having a look of mud and splashes on my bed. So I don't enjoy that. But having said that, as long as I'm not actually getting rinsed in the rain, I enjoy the rain
Junaid Khalfay
@captkhalfay · 1:28
Hey, Parmi. So my take on the monsoons actually love the monsoons. But let me clarify. I love the monsoons when I'm at home, not when I'm out. If I'm sitting by my window side just enjoying a cup of coffee or some snacks to go with. And it's raining outside. It kind of forms the perfect setting for me. It's very calming, soothing, and definitely it doesn't happen always. It's like a one time thing