Parmi Savla
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Why are celebrities Type-casted?

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Like how Melissa Fumero and Andy Samberg are always in a way they feel shunned because the two of them are always perceived together as a couple because of their roles in Brooklyn 99 and in the middle. It had started affecting their personal lives, too, because the fans could not accept the fact that they are not their roles in a TV show
Dewuan .
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The plight of modern artistry.

And in the case of Jason Alexander, I believe he was an up and coming actor and was in the theater and was doing TV and movie spots. But when he got the Seinfeld gig, of course, he had no idea that this would be an iconic show that would last well beyond the date. They finally took themselves off of air, and he had some trouble initially landing other spots. I think what's going on is behind the scenes