Parmi Savla
@Whimsicalpastry · 5:00

My trip got cancelled, thanks to Covid-19 :)

So I don't really indulge in the current news anymore. But from time to time, when there's a requirement, I speak to my friends and they help me out with the current news like they get me updated. So a few weeks back I decided it was a very impromptu decision, but I decided that I will be taking a trip to the Hamachuz in India
Pushpendra Baghel
@pushpen · 0:27
Hi you can plan your trip now and there's one beautiful place called Chandra which I recently discovered and enjoyed my trip as well and did not require any us or any certificate so you can easily or plan to Himachel places called and if you like or if you want to know you can post me here. Have a good day bye
Parmi Savla
@Whimsicalpastry · 0:48
And the major major concern is that after going over there, God forbid, if I contract the virus again or if I am a carrier for others, then I don't want to really risk that. And since I'll be probably living in a hostel or something like that, it might get a bit difficult to maintain social distancing. So that is something I'm kind of worried about and cases searching again, so don't know how to go about with it
Junaid Khalfay
@captkhalfay · 4:52
And for me to go on a ship and not worry about anything at all and just be a guest and enjoy the view and enjoy everything that is there to do with the ship would be an amazing experience. Which is why I thought that, you know what? Let's just go for a cruise this time. So we had planned for all of this. And I still remember I was on a ship when COVID broke out and that time, who knew that this would go this long?