Wendi Hinrichs
@WendiHinrichs · 2:01

Teachers in life

I run a small business and it's almost like every day something new comes up and I was so afraid to get this business started and especially during COVID because I felt like I needed to know everything. I felt like I needed to be the expert. I felt like I needed to be the leader and the boss that knew how to handle everything. And I just didn't

When the student is ready a teacher will arrive. Would love to hear how this worked for you?

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 2:57

Radical awareness 🌱

Hey, Wendi, what a beautiful post this morning. I really resonate with the goal to be a constant student in that cycle of being inspired and then inspiring others and having the Grace to be still enough to see what's inspiring you and what's helping you and what's out there to sort of solve your soul, soothe your soul
Wendi Hinrichs
@WendiHinrichs · 0:25
Hello. Hi, Deborah. Thanks so much. I love that radical awareness. I really have to work on that. I'm really gotten so much more aware. But, boy, it's a really conscious effort. And so I really like the term that you did. I'll have to look up the author that came up with that that your sister had told you about. So thanks so much. Hope you have a wonderful day