Wendi Hinrichs
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Hot summer days

How's everybody doing in the summer heat. I hear that Colorado isn't the only place that's experiencing a lot of heat right now. Personally, I love it because it means it's summer. And we just went through a cold winter and we would dream about these days. But just curious, what kind of things you guys do, do you like, stay in air conditioning?
Thanussh Gnanasegeran
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You know, I have to say that I don't know if I really like the heat lately. I've been working outside in the heat a lot and we have to switch every 30 minutes because of how bad it gets. But I do appreciate it. When I go to the pool or water world, I will say bye
Owen Hinrichs
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So funny story. I was mowing lawns today, and it actually was so hot that my lawn. Owen overheated. That's never happened to me. And that was new record high for me. So, man, it was hot today, and I'm ready for it to cool down a little bit. It so I can do some fun outdoor adventures. But I'm curious to hear what other people do when it's really hot outside
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Gabbi Hinrichs
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It has been so hot in Colorado. I agree. And what I've been doing when it's really hot outside is I go down to my neighborhood pool and I just relax with my friends. And then when we get too hot, we like jumping. And can I go in the water and stuff up, so, Yeah