Wendi Hinrichs
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Being grateful

Okay. Every morning I listen to the calm app to help me get through the day with the daily meditation. There's a lot of days where I feel like I don't have the time, but I try to devote about ten minutes every day to that. And today's was especially helpful. And it said that it's not the happy people that are grateful, but the grateful people that are happy. So I'm really going to work on that

Daily Calm app meditation

Bowie Rowan
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Thank you so much for sharing that I actually just had a conversation with one of my good friends last night about how we're realizing as we get older that gratitude is just the key to joy and being able to be present. And it seems so simple, but it really is a daily practice. So thank you for this reminder
Deborah Pardes
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I second, 3rd, 4th, fifth, and 6th the sentiments of this Well, grateful, grateful. Everyday. Thank you
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Owen Hinrichs
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I totally agree with this. And I think it's really cool that you brought this swell and it's a great discussion. One question I have for you is everyone wants to be more grateful, but how do we be more grateful? And what are practices to practice being more grateful
Wendi Hinrichs
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I think that it is reasonable to be realistic with things that are hard, but I think we can rephrase them as not so much of a complaint, but a realization that there's something that may need to be changed and just be grateful for that moment and recognizing that maybe something needs to be worked on or changed and just turn a complaint into something that you can be grateful for or just be grateful for that moment. That's kind of what I do