Doctor rants so much so that I ran out of space

I take a break and I just go into the bathroom and I just sit down and silently scream and think, why am I even doing this work? Even though I love doing this, there's no excuse of making it compulsory to work. 365 days should be on call every day when you're house present. And I'm thinking, why should you be on call 24 hours or seven every day? Like

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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 3:09
And coming to what you said about working 24 hours a day has been glorified, especially for doctors. I completely agree. In fact, this entire Hustle culture is about that, right? That the people who do not take any breaks, who are constantly grinding, constantly working, that is what's glorified and work life balance, where is that right?