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Rahul Kumar

 · 12mo ago · 0:24
Who's the character you relate the most ?

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"…Hey, what's up, people? This is Rahul here. And welcome back to my understand. So today I have a question for you. So I just want to ask you like who's who's the character you relate, the like from any help series, any movie or any TV series. You can also Kilowatt, this is exactly who you are. So I would love to hear your answers on this.…"

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Chandrika Devi ;)

 · 12mo ago · 0:46

"…Okay, who's the character I can relate the most? So as a Marvel fan, I would like to bring this up that Marvel Cinematic Universe has so much amazing stuff out there. But then my character relations just goes to this one of the recent movies called Eternal. And I think I find myself very much similar on the lines of Cersei, and that has always been the case. I just saw Eternals movie on the screen, and I saw Cersei leaving it through.…"


Anisha Khureja

 · 12mo ago · 0:59

"…So I also have a sibling of mind, so I always and same goes for him. So I really find that we both are Tom and Jerry. So I really think that I am Jerry because I am small, and I feel like that he is prompt. So I personally think that I am Jerry.…"


Geetanjali Chaudhary

 · 11mo ago · 0:32

"…I like to read a lot of books, but the most that I feel related to is Hermani from Harry Potter series. That is because most of the time I have an attitude and that matches her. Hermani from Harry Potter series is one of the most amazing ladies in the the universe. It has nothing to do with her intelligence, Although it cannot be overlooked, but rather the personality that she portrays to the outer world. I really live by the mantra? Fake it till you make it?…"

#Hermione #HarryPotter #Emma Watson


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