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Dear Zindagi - normalising talking about mental health.

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"…And she told her parents about this. And this is the best thing in the movie, which will definitely inspire a lot of million people out there to actually talk about the mental health. And if they need a therapist, they should definitely go to them. So this is the basic outline of the movie, and you should definitely watch this. And it's a very beautiful movie spreading the message of mental wellness in the society. So it's a must watch. Thank you. Bye.…"

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"…The confession scene was just mind blowing. So well written and acted that I had tears in my eyes. And even after watching this movie so many times, I still do have the dialogue. Never let your past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future was just so natural and true. The only negative point is that their deleted scenes were also mind blowing and I wanted them in the movie. For example, the Plain Scene and many more. One of the most unique movies ever made.…"


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"…Hi there. Well, you know, mental health problem psychologist, path specialist opinion. So I guess that is it. And goodbye. Thank you for posting this. And do watch my as well too. Okay. Goodbye.…"



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