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My first experience of Meditation.

ArtCollege Voice India 🇮🇳Mental Wellness

"…So Firstly, I just want to say meditation is something everyone needs to try at least once in his life because sometimes we are so busy, we are so stressed, we don't even get time to connect with ourselves. So this is when meditation comes into play and where meditation can play a big role in connecting you to yourself and just telling you that peace, that connection, that stability of thoughts and everything. You will see everything working once you start meditating.…"

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"…So it could be meditation could be sitting at one place and trying to clear our mind and finding that balance or doing some activity which will help us find our balance. For some it could be dance, for some it could be yoga, for some it could be running. And for every person it could mean different things. For some it could be even sport or even writing.…"


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