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Who's your favourite content creator??

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"…So starting with the communication thing, because what I feel like most of the people started exploring themselves how they can get a better social media, something like that. Okay, so coming. Who's, who's who's who's who's who's your favourite content creator? Who's, who's who's your favourite content creator? He's the beer biceps. So that's why I do I love him so much. Okay.…"

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"…He's a very good actor as we have seen in BBQ Minds and also in a short film called Plus Minus. I think he can act not only in comedy but also in a serious act. Apart from acting, his writing skill and songs are brilliant. Many people say a lot about content, but there are other videos which don't include any adult content and he's not asking to copy or behave like that.…"

Bhuvan Bam - BB ki vines



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"…Hi Ranihala. Wadiya is just love. I like everything about him. Like there's nothing there's not a single point that I don't like about him. Actually, the way of his stock game is poor. He is a great social media influencer and I've seen a lot of podcasts of him and the way I was talking, I love it. He's my father.…"


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