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The Voice of Steve Wozniak

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"…But I feel like for Voices of Swell, we have a real chance to just understand who Steve Woziak is and now and how he's been. I met Steve. I think around 2006, he just finished IWA's which was his autobiography. And I was on the same radio show that he was. I was a musical guest and he was an author, and we really hit it off. And we started a very special friendship that kind of ebbed and float over the years.…"

A delight to connect with Steve here on Swell. A chance for us to explore together. https://s.swell.life/SSGvPOCk0nTr490 #apple #swellinterview


Steve Wozniak

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"…The best I can say is I'm starting to feel a little bit of I wish we could do things like the normal way, but it doesn't feel like it's like to a point of something you'd call depression or whatever. But it's too bad for everything going on here. And then I'm non political. I decided when I was 20 years old, I would never vote for a President. Doesn't really change how my life is going to be.…"

How I’m doing now.


Voices of Swell

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"…Well, I want to follow up with something you mentioned because it's so interesting to me to talk about getting an RV. It's a big trend these days. And I'm sure as a designer of experiences, you probably have an idea of what kind of camper RV or whatever it's going to be. I know sprinters are happening big these days. What kind of vehicle are you going to get with your wife to traverse this amazing country of ours?…"

RV specifications! #dreams #travel #RV


Voices of Swell

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"…In anticipation of your answer for the question I just asked about your RV. I have another question I want to ask now before I forgot, which plays into the idea of what we do when we travel, we discover and we happen upon things that are or extraordinary or ordinary. But it's that process of unfolding in that journey. And I wanted to ask you about some vocabulary words that are prominent in our technology universe these days.…"

More of your perspective here... #buzzwords


Steve Wozniak

@stevewoz · 2yr ago · 3:55

"…And we have to wait about 14 weeks to get it but started searching. What are we going to do? Your very first time? We've read a lot of stories that helped us a lot. We've talked to a few people that helped us a lot, but we're just going to pick some RV park somewhere, maybe a Koa, but maybe not and drive there. We're probably going to look for one that's real easy to begin with.…"

Computer problems, Motorhome


Steve Wozniak

@stevewoz · 2yr ago · 4:52

"…Maybe that has some ideas and swell set them up on a skunkworks project, give them some funding, let them work at home and develop something. And so sometimes that brings about these things that you couldn't really predict from today's business to tomorrow's. But it just goes off into left field. And often it's possible because certain kinds of technology are now less expensive than before. That's like attributed to Moore's Law, or we discover how to get high bandwidth in cell phones.…"

Discovery, Invention, Disruption


Voices of Swell

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"…And they just want those things and they don't get caught up in, oh, I better learn this next thing to stay in touch with what's going on in technology, there's always going to be innovation. There's always going to be change. And from your perspective, I guess, advice to people who are on a daily basis trying to make decisions, which act should I get? Which technology platform should I adopt next for this?…"

To adopt or not to adopt a new shiny tech tool? #mantra ?


Voices of Swell

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"…Hey, Steve, while we are waiting for you to answer that last question, I wanted to sort of welcome the whole swell community to this conversation. And in the spirit of swell, I look forward to people adding their voices here to contribute tribute to the wonder of this world that we're talking about, whether it's about technology or about the future or about our own ways of imagining ourselves as we step into the future.…"

Opening this up for Swellcasters to contribute! Thank you again, Woz!


Sudha Varadarajan

@sudha · 2yr ago · 0:55

"…Hi Steve, thank you for being a part of this community. My question is about the future of quantum computing and what it means for all of us, when and it is really a when and not. And if quantum computing becomes mainstream, won't that make the entire digital space unsafe? Currently, 2048 bit RSA encryption can be broken in about 8 hours.…"

Quantum computing and cryptographic security https://bit.ly/33gesKZ


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Steve Wozniak

@stevewoz · 2yr ago · 3:29

"…You can find a ton of other people that have been down the same path and can give you advice on it because I go around. I speak about technology a lot. I want to be up on some of the latest things going on, but then again, I have my own personal opinions as to how good they are, whether they're helpful, how I feel about the companies that put them out and that sort of thing.…"

New tech decisions


Steve Wozniak

@stevewoz · 2yr ago · 2:57

"…Hi sued, huh? Everyone pretty much shares your questions about quantum computing. I don't accept it as a given that it's going to massively change everything we do in life. We've been sort sort of asking the same questions for about 20 years, and the answer is kind of all the same. There isn't really any substitution for classic computing yet. For almost anything we do, it's just always might happen. Might happen recently. They've got some quantum computing done with pure photons.…"

Quantum thoughts


Shahnaz Ahmed

@bookishpodcast · 2yr ago · 2:31

"…Hi, Steve. Wow. You're on swell. Now, this is so cool. Welcome to Swell. Okay, so I don't have a techie question because I'm not really a techy person, but love to travel. So hearing about your RV adventures just sounds absolutely wonderful. So here's a couple of questions. One is I know a lot of people like RVs, and that's their thing. I'm a spoiled brat. I like my car and the comfort of it.…"

Travel and audiobooks


Bernie Goldbach

@topgold · 2yr ago · 1:52

"…There's one problem, though. The dog's in Ireland now, Steve probably hasn't traveled in Ireland. No, he doesn't. Cork has a Big Apple company. Big company office in Cork. In Ireland. In the morning, you do something with an Apple product. What do you do with in the morning? I go on my ipad and I go on to talk to my cousin Polo. Where do your cousins live? Tucson, Arizona. Where else? Oregon and Portland, Oregon.…"

@stevewoz Dylan (9) and keeping his dog in a hotel. Plus iOS news.


Steve Wozniak

@stevewoz · 2yr ago · 3:48

"…In reply to some subjects brought up by bookish, my wife and I, we do love to travel in our car for ages. Janet used to travel six States constantly as a field rep for Apple education, and long ago I was just, oh my gosh, I feel like doing something. I'll hop on an airplane and go somewhere exciting in the world.…"

Road trips, audiobooks.


Steve Wozniak

@stevewoz · 2yr ago · 1:09

"…I mean, that's pretty darn amazing. Long distance international calls when I was young were totally unaffordable. Nobody can do that. So it's great that you can just do it right on your ipad or whatever. And someday, I hope you get here to America and get to explore some of the territories. Even the dry places like Tucson have their I don't know, their benefits and their luxuries and wonderfulness. And Portland is plenty cool. I love cool myself.…"

Young Dylan in Ireland


Average Joe

@AverageJoe · 2yr ago · 2:35

"…The mighty was has come to swell. First, man, I want to say thank you for being a pioneer in this wonderful world of technology that we all enjoy every day. Okay? You're not only an icon in the computer industry, you're kind of a pop culture icon of the 80s, too, in my books. That's pretty badass. Secondly, I want to say thank you.…"


Taylor J

@Taylor · 2yr ago · 0:44

"…Hi, Steve. I was a teacher at a Stem Academy. And most of the kids there were working in computer engineering or programming or robotics of some kind. And if they knew that you were here right now, it now they would just absolutely go nuts. I wanted to ask you in all of your years working in this industry, what's the one piece of advice? If you could give one word of advice to students that are are working in the Stem field at such a young age?…"

Question for the students!


Ray Renati

@RayRenati · 2yr ago · 0:37

"…Hi, Steve. I just wanted to say that it's so great to hear you on here. I grew up in Silicon Valley, and, you know, you and the other Steve were the heroes of many of us. This is great. Thanks for being a part of this great new community and enjoyed listening. And I think I might go RV shopping soon. Yes, indeed.…"

Much thanks.


Toby Tullis

@TobinT · 2yr ago · 1:23

"…Hi, Deborah, it's Tobin. What an awesome way to really kind of kick the wheels on swell in a different capacity and show what a swell cast really can be made out of. And asking us to come come back in and join the conversation is exactly what makes this platform so unique. And, Mr. Woznick, what a pleasure to hear you come forth in conversation as if we were sitting around the table having copy.…"

Thank you both-common RV’ers


Shammi Mohamed

@shammi · 2yr ago · 1:29

"…I'm really interested in how one goes about designing, writing something like a game in hardware, right? In software. I know exactly how to write, how to refactor stuff into subgrouping, et cetera. I'm wondering what that process was like for you.…"

Making breakout just using TTL. Love to hear more details about it..


Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 2yr ago · 0:54

"…It's Deborah, and I just opened up this very cool conversation. I took it off panel and I made it available again so people can leave questions. I'm doing this because I love Steve, and I want his voice back on swell of Steve. We missed you. And I also know that it's 2021, and I just want to know how you're doing. I know you're about to do an RV trip, and it was sort of waylaid because of circumstances.…"

Hey Steve! Opening this up again to check in!!

Average Joe

@AverageJoe · 2yr ago · 0:34

"…I like the idea of a Waze checkin from the places he travels to. What food? What local food did you experience? What did you go look at? What you see. Did you get a T shirt or were you being that touristy? That would be kind of fun. I don't think anybody's done anything like that on here before just checking in from places they're at because I don't think anybody has tracked all around like that.…"


The Voice of Steve Wozniak

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