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Virtual Vishnu
@VirtualVishnu · 0:51


Yo. So my name is Virgil vishnu, actually. Sorry. Not exactly virtual Vishnu. It's Vishnu. But you guys can call me VV or you can call me virtual Vishnu. Or you can call me Vishnu. Sorry, I got distracted. So I studied in class twelve and I am 18 years old. I do mimicry for fun idea dubbing. And I'm a really creative guy

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Avneet .
@avneet_ · 1:05
Anagasio virtual Vishnu. Or should I call you Vishnu or Vivi? So whatever it is so firstly to really really welcome to swell and I can really see that you are a creative guy so now that you have asked us your audience to really give you something to mimic and voiceover. So I am really weep and I'm very much into anime, so I would really love to know which all voice dubbing you can do. And my personal favorite is Narrator and Sasuke
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Virtual Vishnu
@VirtualVishnu · 0:30


I don't know. So actually I'm so sorry for late reply because I wasn't much online from past few days, I think. Okay, I don't know much about actually narrative voice because I hadn't watched that anime yet. It's way too huge, you know, like it have too many episodes and it will consume my whole time so but I can do attack on it and if you don't mind, so can I do? Erin, you go
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