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Vipin Kamble
@Vipin0124 · 2:26

An Evening in Metro city

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Roadsides are crowded with the feet to rush back to their cocoon. Tired souls are longing for the heavenly quest. Roads are screeching the sirens and horns. All the colors of the evening are full of joy. Kisses are dangling with passion upon the wines. Those steamy cups of tea and pegs of wine. Doorbells are waiting to ring with face full of glimmer and shine welcoming the night with peace, sending a message to the morning I am yours, you are her mine. Thank you so much for listening

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Prabha Iyer
@PSPV · 1:05

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Missing the days that I spent in calcutta, it was very lovely. I lived almost 20 years of my life in calcutta. Wow, what a city. For many, it may not be the best place. For me, it is still a paradise. Thank you. It was very lovely listening to it
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reader 75063
@reader75063 · 0:28
I really like your rendition. Yes, a lot of people living in a metro city would feel a similar way to you. But I really like the way you expressed it, the way you painted the picture of how actually life was on a day to day basis. It spoke in a general way as well as a descriptive way. And I liked the combination of the two. More strength to you. I hope you write more and more poems
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