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Charlie Leary
@Vino · 4:38

Award winning wine education programs named in Leary’s Global Wineology

The San Francisco Wine School, which has its own proprietary classes, including an Intro to Wine series, and they also provide great guidance and direction on pursuing a career in wine, including courses leading to qualifications from other organizations, and the Napa Valley Wine Academy, with its own Wine 101 foundations and Wine 201 Wines of the World courses

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 0:27
Hi. This is so interesting and such a comprehensive list. That's so cool. I'm going to check out the book. I was wondering if, have you tried any of these courses or, like, what is your criteria for choosing them? I imagine that there's quite a lot of content to parse through. So I'm really curious about your process. But thank you so much much for sharing this. It was really interesting
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