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Vineeth Vincent

 · 2mo ago · 4:56
I lost my dear friend on the 22nd of September. Saravana was an artist and an all round kind human 💚 I will do my best to not let his legacy die.

"…Under the stars night sleep under the stars sleep under these stars these iron hearts we started out together the first time you're like shown the darling you and I built on the same stone just how I want to live smothered by affection my life had other plans these men without reflections confused days those times where you gave my life meaning now I'm aware molding by fire we love in our hearts the first time I saw you that's when my story starts because we sleep under the stars tonight sleep under the stars sleep under these stars tonight tomorrow we go back to counting cards tomorrow we go back to counting cars tomorrow we go back to counting cars it's been a long time since I've been on as well and I decided to take some time off because on the 21st I had to rush to the hospital here in Bangalore because I got horrible news that a friend of mine who has been suffering for a long time from multiple illnesses was not going to make it.…"

https://youtu.be/k0n7f62B0kQ This is my tribute to a man the world needed. It's sad how the kind ones leave us too quickly. Saravana Dhanapal


Lindsey Morrison

 · 2mo ago · 0:37

"…What a beautiful song. And the video was beautiful. Your friend certainly made his mark, and I just think that's a beautiful thing. May he rest in peace and may you continue to always celebrate his life.…"

My heart goes out to you and your beautiful friends family .his wife and daughter. may you find comfort in the beautiful memories you all shared


Swell Team

 · now · 0:15