Vikram Kharvi

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Is Crying at Workplace Unprofessional?

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"…And after his speech, our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, bid farewell to him in a very teary eyes. He was visibly seen holding back his tears. No one expects a country's Prime Minister to cry in the Parliament, but he did. He did choose to display his emotions without worrying about what the world would think. Why not?…"

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Karan Dev

@Karan.Dev · 2yr ago · 0:48

"…Hey, Vikram, I don't think crying should be taboo. I understand that it can be unsettling for people to witness, especially at the workplace. But, you know, there are moments when you can't help, but you're up. I did see see the Prime Minister speech yesterday where he was emotional about the retirement of Galamna Biazad. But I think it's moments like these which show you that we're all people at the end of the day and not machines.…"


Shahnaz Ahmed

@bookishpodcast · 2yr ago · 2:39

"…It's just sometimes I'm just like, what are you crying about? This is not even worth crying about. And then I look back when I cried at work, and I'm like, my God, I'm so embarrassed by it. Anyway. Great. Well, catch you later.…"

Still embarrassed by it!


Sreeja V

@Wordsmith · 2yr ago · 3:23

"…I think it varies from culture to culture, and one just kind of navigates and probably follows whatever culture dictates. But yes, at times one is not in control of one's emotions, and I think you live and you learn. And I think this is again, as one matures grows in terms of age and experience, I think one is able to kind of get a better control over one's emotions and learns to practice a sort of a detachment eventually.…"


Izzy S-L

@Izzy · 2yr ago · 1:42

"…I think in my generation, crying has slowly become more of an acceptable public action, not only by women but also by men and everybody else as well. So I think that there are just different expectations. And expressing emotions is slowly becoming more acceptable, especially in terms of crying in public spaces and crying in the workplace.…"

Swell Team

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@Shaz · 2yr ago · 1:53

"…But if you're a colleague and you just start crying in the workplace, I wouldn't know how to tackle that. To be very honest, if you were crying, I would get you a box of tissues, a glass of water and rub your back to console you. And that is probably what I would do, even if you want it. So. Yeah. That's the only emotional support that I can give.…"

I don't know what to do if you cry! #loadinghowtobehumaninmybrain


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