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Do you play Candy Crush?

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"…Have you guys played Candy Crush? Seriously, I'm asking this. I'm not joking. How many of you have played Candy Crush and felt that it really stressbuster kind of thing. Of course, it can be addictive at the times, but there is this feature in this Candy Crash that if you lose after a certain amount of time, it gives you a break of 20 odd minutes and stuff.…"

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@Shaz · 2yr ago · 0:42

"…Hi, VICOM. Yeah. I used to play candy crust, too. Yeah. I totally understand the part about, like, stress busting. I play like, a lot of mindless games. Find them relaxing or entertaining. Yeah. Also, they play games from this company called Voodoo in the Place, though. They have, like, games with, like, a simple technique. And you can. I played over and over in different levels. Yeah. That's fun.…"

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